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Christmas Tree Hand Baler

Article provided by: Peak Seasons

Christmas Tree Hand Baler

Customers expect service. Baling trees provides the ease of handling required to bring your customers desire. Peak Seasons, in business since 1979, offers a high-performance Christmas tree hand baler for any lot.

Why do I need a tree baler?

Hand balers simplify customer handling. They add netting to your trees, allowing them to be carried off the lot with no additional consideration.

A full 89 percent of customers expect their trees baled in netting. Avoiding countless hours of wrapping trees by hand requires a specialized machine. Hand balers offer a tight weave, packing branches tightly without destroying the tree.

Is a hand baler cost effective?

Hand balers are less expensive than machine balers. For seasonal lot owners, the cost is much more reasonable. Both parts and the base machine cost less.

An entirely automated baler costs as much as $13250. Even lower end models without any options cost just over $5000. Hand balers are perfect for small operations such as neighborhood tree lots or seasonal farms with a cost of just over $300.

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, the average tree farm makes $14800 every season. After accounting for employees, this leaves companies operating below cost or under break even for the first year of operation when using an electric machine.

Kirk Baler Sizes

Kirk produces quality manual balers for nearly any tree size. Twenty, twenty-three, and twenty-six inch machines fit the most common trees on your lot. No tree is the same. It is a good idea to ensure that your equipment can handle your entire lot.

These balers last for years when treated appropriately through a variety of conditions. With a simple design, they perform nearly as well as an electric machine without requiring frequent and burdensome part replacement.

Replacement Parts for a Kirk Baler

These machines have two replaceable parts. The spring clip and retarder rings may become damaged from strenuous or unusual use. Unlike complicated moving parts, the cost is low at only $40 to $50 per part.

The simplicity of a Kirk Baler makes repair a breeze. To ensure longevity, Peak Seasons also supplies stands and other functional components.

Where can I find balers and parts in the United States?

Peak Seasons is a leader in Christmas tree lot supply. With forty years of business, we have many satisfied customers. Purchasing and shipping parts is easy through our intuitive online platform.

We provide the cost-effective Kirk Christmas tree hand baler for any use case with parts to keep you running. Automatic machines are expensive. A manual baler helps make you profitable year one assuming average sales volume.

Peak Seasons Christmas tree supply

Our company works hard to keep your seasonal business creating happy customers every year. Low prices, an intuitive online store, and decades of experience make us the leader in the industry.

When you need to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency at your tree lot, a manual baler is perfect for you. Visit our website to find out more about the powerful Kirk baling machine.


Christmas Tree Hand Baler
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