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Large Touch Screen

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Large Touch Screen

Take Marketing To A New Level With The New Large Touch Screen Display Unit

Testimonial video production is on the rise because the world is beginning to wake up to its benefits. Apart from explainer video production, testimonial video production is the most common corporate video production. Some of the statistics that underscore the importance of testimonial videos and corporate video in general are outlined below.

Those that are yet to make use of testimonial videos are already missing out real big. In fact, chances are they are already losing some of their customers to competitors who are already deploying testimonial videos for sales conversion.

Everyone’s decision on different products is influenced by other people’s collective opinions. According to recent statistics, product ratings and reviews are capable of increasing sales by 63 percent. About 79 percent of online shoppers trust online reviews just like friend’s opinion. Reviews posted by customers create a 74 percent increase in product purchases.

About 77 percent of people take the time to read product reviews before making online purchases. Of all types of content marketing, customer testimonials are the most effective as they collectively have sales conversion rate of 89 percent. Between 89 and 90 percent of customers usually base their purchase decisions on online purchase.

If at this stage and age, you are still making use of only text testimonials, you are still living in stone-age. You have not exploited one of the best marketing tools. This is because video testimonials are very engaging and convincing

Introduction of large touch screen display unit

To promote this initiative, a large touch screen display unit has been designed. The screen is usually displayed in strategic areas with high foot traffic. This new large touch screen has a big advantage over the conventional digital display. The large touch screen allows viewers to interact with the display. So viewers can as a lot of questions after watching some video clips.

While the large touch screen can only attract your prospects to watch your video, it may not motivate them to order your products or services. It is the content of your video that does that. So, you need to follow the tips below to create compelling videos and your conversion rate will increase drastically.

Creating an effective video

First of all, you need to make your video as brief as possible. The longer it is the more boring it becomes and the less likely viewers are going to watch it to the end.

Even after making the video as short as possible, you still need to put the most important information at the beginning of the video because not every viewer will watch it to the end.

Videos with humor linger on the mind of viewers much longer. Apart from that, humor will also make them watch the video as many times as possible. Some of them may even want to share it with their friends. So, you should direct them to your website or social media account they can download and share each of the videos that are being displayed.

The more they share your post, the more popular your brand will become. This reinforces your brand and boosts your credibility. It will only lead to more sales and more profit.


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